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A temp-to-hire situation arises when a company wishes to fill a position, but does not want to commit to hiring an individual immediately. In such a case the employee remains on BesTemps' payroll (usually a minimum period of 8-12 weeks) until approved for hire by the company. This strategy is becoming increasingly popular and is excellent because:

  1. It gives an employer the opportunity to preview the work habits of the individual.
  2. The individual's ability to do the job can be gauged BEFORE hiring.
  3. A company can "try out" multiple candidates until the right candidate is found.
  4. It allows both the temporary candidate(s) and employer adequate time to make a determination if the job is a fit.
  5. It gives an employer maximum hiring flexibility, especially during uncertain times.

*REMEMBER -- the process of recruiting, hiring, and subsequently releasing an employee can cost an employer between $5,000 - $14,000!! A temp-to-hire situation can benefit an employer by helping to minimize this risk associated with hiring.



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